We offer Health

Virtual Doctors provides support for clinical diagnosis, prescription of drugs, and lifestyle decisions based on strictly professional criteria and the algorithm’s ability to learn as it takes in new information.

An all-in-one medical platform that is intelligent and uses algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’re more than just a medical database.

The platform increases the capacity of doctor’s and improves patient medical care across all areas.


The system is constantly being developed and learning new treatments for the most common diseases we face as a society – Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Chronic illnesses.

An immersive vision
for the digital healthcare


We use the latest artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies to build conversational, interactive applications in the users’ language, supported by a virtual assistant


We offer a scientifically validated and proven solution that is suitable for doctors and healthcare professionals.


Our platform employs the most recent advances in medicine across all clinical diagnostic disciplines and for the prescription of drugs


The entire foundation of our company is based upon a continual deepening of our scientific clinical knowledge and tools for developing and researching new drugs and treatments.


Our tools and platform are easily integrated with third-party systems to add greater capabilities to clients’ systems, as well as build out our technologies. For example, connecting with wearables and personal devices using our proprietary algorithms.


We offer a new generation of intelligent medical services to automate universal healthcare globally