AI-Health Marketplace

AI-Health Marketplace

  • Assisted by a virtual doctor
  • For the purchase of medical, health and wellness treatments
  • For patients around the world
  • For all medical specialties
  • To access the catalogue of best available technologies
  • To combine treatments for various purposes. Smart shopping cart
  • To get the best conditions and prices in the market
  • The best centres and treatments within reach of all budgets
  • For a personalized health plan for the user and their family environment
  • To capture the patient and their doctors preferences is the first international, multilingual and collaborative digital health services marketplace powered by AI.


Aimed at the offer and contracting of medical and health treatments in general for patients, either direct or through offers from third party operators -mutual insurance companies, health insurance companies, and others

It includes a powerful personalization tool, symptom checker, pre-diagnosis, therapeutic services, appointment management, consultations and follow-up with medical staff.

Push and reactive models.

Extranet between patients and doctors with B2C2B models.

Area offers:

  • Medical insurance, in collaboration with insurance companies
  • Preventive medicine and medical check-ups
  • The most current and sought-after medical treatments and interventions worldwide.
  • Visits and second medical opinions
  • Health programs for the improvement of living conditions and general well-being
  • Diagnostic tests
  • and control tests

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