Smart Clinical Dashboard for EHRs

Smart Clinical Dashboard for EHRs

In prototype TRL5: Q2 2022
Ending: Q4 2022

  • Smart clinical dashboard for EHRs. Adds expert clinical decision capabilities to any EHR
  • Advanced Interactive AI-Doctor engine. Ultra-fast and accurate response. Works as a real doctor
  • All medical specialities. All clinical procedures (emergencies/Inpatients/outpatients)
  • Built-in AI tools: algorithmic processors + ML + NLP

Easy integration

  • Installs in any medical workstation. Multitasking interface. Shares screen with EHR
  • Easy integration. API connectivity/SDK Tools kit. Interoperable HL7 integration engine. UNE13606 Standard Architecture and others
  • Configurable I/O data flow with EHR

AI tools

  • AI smart dashboard: Advance data visualization. KPIs. Analytics. Pipelines
  • AI smart chatbot. Natural language. Text-voice interaction
  • AI smart input data recognition. Auto-encoding. Extracts and encodes text-voice structured data from the patient record
  • AI smart patient checker
  • AI button for real time clinical status checker
  • AI button for real-time diagnostic image checker
  • Deep-learning: massive data input, feedback, algorithm self-regeneration.

Smart operating

  • international coding. Snomed-CT/ICD 9-10/others
  • Self-configurable. Customizable. User roles. Specialities roles. Heuristics and self-guided procedures
  • Quality and safety auto-reporting

Clinical response

  • Professional response. Based on validated clinical procedures and authorized drugs
  • Patient checker: Full patient evaluation (anamnesis, testing, diagnosis) and drug prescription support. Pharmacogenomic-proteomic-metabolic checker
  • Cinical status checker: alerts, directions, recommendations.
  • Accuracy/expected errors. Profiling and prognosis
  • Diagnostic Image checker: risk, probability, prognosis. PACS connectivity.
  • Monitors treatments and drugs. Detects disease exacerbations. Offers risk scorings: hospital readmissions, others
  • Detects and offers drug deprescription opportunities
  • Interconsultation space between professionals

Special features

  • Third-parties tools platform. Adds other industry algorithms/Apps
  • Integrated telemedicine platform
  • Emergencies module. Triage. Hospitalization module. ICU module. Outpatient module
  • SMS connectivity and OpenHealth wearables. Smart AR glasses interaction
  • Wikihealth. Research module engine

APP patient

  • Interactive user interface. Conversational. Text-voice commands. Intuitive.
  • Heuristics and self-guided procedures
  • Reminders for directions, dosage, takings, recommendations, replacements, warnings….
  • Effectiveness pipeline. Side effects monitoring

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