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Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I access the contents of the PHARMA APP?

Access to the PHARMA APP is done through the login page (Login)

Once on the login page, the user must enter their corresponding access credentials: registration email and password.

There is a password recovery page in case of forgetting / loss.

What can I do in the VR Medicines PHARMA APP?

The APP PHARMA application is a powerful new generation professional pharmacological prescription aid tool.

It has the latest technological advances that empower the doctor and the pharmacist in the prescription of drugs using advanced processors for clinical and pharmacotherapeutic prescription.

APP PHARMA works from a powerful artificial intelligence pharmacotherapeutic engine installed on a platform of clinical and pharmaceutical content BigData © of its own elaboration built from the authorized information of the AEMPS and the EMA. APP PHARMA guides, monitors, endorses and offers invaluable help to doctors and health professionals for the prescription and issuance of drug prescriptions to their patients, making it safer, more reliable and more effective.

Our tool groups the different queries and responses of the system, organized into 3 large groups of information according to the user’s need in the prescription:

Indications Technical data sheet – Pathologies. Based on the therapeutic indication according to the technical sheet approved by the AEMPS (codified in ICD10) and an intelligent search engine where it will offer the active ingredients or authorized available combinations.

Active principles. It allows to consult all the information in the maximum detail of the active principle or combination for all its ways and forms.

Medicines. Allows you to consult all the information available on the drugs in the national catalog.

Indications Technical Sheet - Pathologies

How do I access the universe of drugs based on a pathology or drug indications?

Using a powerful contextual search engine, and based on a specific pathology or diagnosis according to the international coding of ICD10 pathologies, we show you all the drugs available for a treatment, including the combined drugs of various active ingredients from the Indications in the Technical Sheet .

The system allows you to filter the query based on the purpose of the treatment being pursued (treatment mode, prophylaxis or for a diagnostic test) and also customizes the warnings and recommendations according to the patient’s profile: history, vital situation, concomitant pathologies that require a modification of the guidelines.

What processes can I do with the therapeutic indications?

Based on the diagnosis and the necessary therapeutic action established by the professional, our pharmacological intelligence engine shows you the different combinations of compatible drugs and proposes the most suitable and efficient prescription, following the clinical criteria of each specialty and attending to the personal circumstances of each patient and the desired pharmacotherapeutic action.

Our system filters and weights the prescription taking into account the comorbidities and associated pathologies of the patient, the pharmacological characteristics of each substance, the recommended guidelines, the routes of administration and all the conditioning factors that determine the treatment such as age, vital situation, allergies, contraindications, toxicity.

Our Help for prescribing by diagnosis: Allows you to choose the best combination of medications available based on a pathology or indication of the technical sheet.

Once a drug has been selected, it is offered to choose the chosen route of administration and the different pharmaceutical forms available for it, according to the national gazette, and ALL the information available on the drug in question is shown below in a structured, summarized and easily searchable manner , with data collected and duly updated from the different sources of official drugs, and also enriched with information and recommendations that will help them to make the prescription and issue the prescription in a more agile and safe way.


What general information is given on the active substance?

We offer all the information contained in the duly structured and classified technical sheet, with filters that will allow you to obtain the extensive information available on the medicine duly classified quickly by the pathologies it treats.

What therapeutic indications or pathologies does the active principle treat?

We include the drug duly related by ICD C10 coding with the therapeutic indications and pathologies authorized by the AEMPS.

How can I find out the specific pharmacological characteristics of an active ingredient?

In the pharmacological characteristics section we offer a summary of general information of the precise characteristics of the medication for its correct prescription. The detail of each one of them will be included in the corresponding section according to whether it is a warning, alert or other type of precise information for the prescription of the drug.

We also offer direct access to the manufacturer’s technical data sheet for consultation or storage of the available information.

How can I control adverse reactions to the active ingredient?

We detail the adverse reactions described by the manufacturer in its technical data sheet, duly classified for greater safety in the prescription of the drug.

What are the contraindications of the active principle?

We detail the contraindications described by the manufacturer in their technical data sheet, duly classified by their type (absolute and relative) and alerts, by the different routes and population sectors they affect for greater safety in the prescription of the drug.

What interactions does the active ingredient have and how do they help me prescribe?

Our application contains the largest universe of interactions and notices of interactions from the technical sheets of the drugs published by the respective manufacturers approved by the AEMPS

From this section you can carry out 3 main processes:

Check the pharmaceutical interactions of:

  1. An active principle
  2. Between two active ingredients
  3. Between an active principle and a pharmacological group

The Alert detail of the interaction, a recommended action, the severity and evidence of the interaction are provided, as well as a suggestion for greater safety in prescribing the drug.

How does it help me in the dosage of an active principle?

At the time of prescription, APP PHARMA offers the information for the administration extracted from the manufacturer’s technical data sheet, classified by type of patient, route and form of the drug presented in the three dosage levels: intratherapeutic dose, limit dose and toxic dose of the drug.

How can I prescribe based on the patient's condition and special populations?

APP PHARMA offers additional information extracted from the manufacturer’s technical data sheet for the best prescription safely according to the patient’s condition:

  • Information for prescribing in pregnancy: Information about the medication that can be prescribed during Pregnancy and the different gestation trimesters
  • Information for prescribing when breastfeeding.
  • Information for the correct monitoring of the drug.
  • Recommendations and Precautions for prescription: We offer the detail of the warnings of the active principle included in the manufacturer’s technical data sheet, duly organized.
  • Recommendations and Precautions for driving: We offer information on whether the drug can produce moderate effects on the ability to drive.
  • Information on measures in case of overdose and antidote.

How can I know the mechanisms of action of the drug?

We offer information on the pharmacological action of the drug to the patient

What medications are there for your prescription?

We offer according to the billing gazette for the best prescription for the patient, a detail of the existing drugs classified by route of administration and preferred pharmaceutical form, with the different trademarks classified by their price, dosage and status within the national catalog.

Active principles

What medicines exist with an active principle in their composition?

Starting from the selection of an active principle, we show all the complete information of the different existing forms by active principle (or combination of them).


How does APP PHARMA help me to prescribe a specific medicine?

With a smart search for medicines by full name or initial or contained words, we offer all available medicines and the different existing pharmaceutical forms for dispensing.

What information does the application of a medicine offer me?

Once the existing drug has been selected according to the billing gazette from the search engine, we show the available information and status of the chosen drug. We also show you other existing drugs classified by the same route of administration and pharmaceutical form, with their different trademarks with their price, and status within the national catalog if the information is available, to assess possible alternatives of form, brand and price for a better dispensing.

How do I know the availability of a drug?

In the detailed consultation of a medicine, we offer the detail of the status within the national catalog if the information is available for a correct dispensing.

How can I find out about possible alternatives to a drug?

In the detailed consultation of a medicine, we offer medicines from other brands, but in the same way and via if the information is available, to assess possible alternatives of form, brand and price for a better dispensing.

User tools

How can I find information for a diagnosis, an active ingredient or a medicine?

Smart Search: We offer a state-of-the-art smart search engine that will allow you to navigate and search a large information database, offering results by entering:

The first characters of the name of a pathology, an active principle or a medicine
By the name of an active principle a pathology, or a medicine
Selecting the name by an ordered selection (in the case of routes, pharmaceutical forms, active principles or pharmacological groups, interaction alert levels, types of contraindication, trimesters of pregnancy, drug doses).
The search engine is responsive to agile and dynamic navigation, which responds quickly to its use

Can I have my information controlled?

Save a search: The PHARMA APP allows the user, prior registration, to save a specific search of any type, to consult it later, allowing the creation of their own library of indications / pathologies, active principles and frequently used medications.

How can I use the PHARMA APP?

User Registration: To use the PHARMA APP in its full version, the system requires the registration of users for their use

Can I try the APP PHARMA tool if I am interested in hiring it?

Demo user

APP PHARMA is offered in the form of SaaS, Software as an annual contracting service. There are modalities by number of users and type of organization at competitive prices for healthcare centers and hospitals with a large number of users.

We are so convinced of its profitability of use for prescription safely and quickly that we offer in the subscription process, a demo user limited in use to verify its usefulness and savings to be obtained.

How do I contract the use of the tool?

Starting from the registration process, users are offered contracting with the chosen system modality according to the structure of the user’s organization and the available price profiles.

Do I have tools that facilitate my usual query or dispensing searches?

After contracting the PHARMA APP, the user registration will allow you to access the latest version of the system, with the database duly updated, and will additionally offer you the options to Save a search and access your library of saved searches from indications / pathologies, active ingredients and medications.

Contact and suggestions

How do I contact your expert team for questions of any kind?

APP PHARMA is a constantly changing and updated pharmacological knowledge database, to offer you the best help in managing your pharmaceutical prescription. For this reason, our team is continually updating and expanding the information contained and implementing new functionalities of our tool.

We offer a suggestion box for observations and comments about our tool and the information it contains.

We are committed to continual improvement of our solutions and welcome your contributions to the medical and pharmaceutical community.